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VTC Mechanic System Co. Ltd

VTC Mechanic System Co., Ltd is an innovative engineering company based in Bangkok, Thailand since 1992. Initially, VTC supplied mainly printers to our clients but due to the rapid change in the industry, VTC have noticed and understood customers' problems in terms of labor cost and efficiency. Therefore, VTC shift the business concept to provide our customers with various industrial equipment and services such as:

  • Printing: Laser printer, CIJ printer, Thermal transfer printer, High-resolution printer

  • Packaging: Labeling, Friction feeder, Liquid filling, Capping, Film wearing machine

  • Inspection: Vision camera, Checkweigher, Seal scanner

  • Automation: Robot arms

Additionally, our company maintains a well-equipped electronic service center which is able to troubleshoot electronic equipment or systems to the component level. VTC is also currently present in Vietnam providing solutions to several globally recognized brands in various customer groups especially in the Food and Beverage category.


At VTC Mechanic System, our vision is striving to become the leading provider of innovative industrial machines and solutions by providing cutting-edge technology and services that enhance the performance and reliability of packaging line. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we aim to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional value.


Our mission is to provide the best solution of value and quality equipment and services along with a sincere after-sale technical support and services to every of our customers. Our customers can expect to be treated with care and receive the best solution for their business.

"We are proud to create the best solution for your business"

- VTC Mechanic System


One-stop services with assured quality for the best solutions



Packaging Line Design (based on customers needs and requirements)



Packaging Line Construction and Machines Assembly


Service & Maintenance

After-Sale Service and Continuous Maintenance



Apart from providing standard machines from the best brands around the world, we notice that our customers are faced with similar problem yet with different circumstances. To ease and solve this problem, we also provide our customers with customization services where the customers will be able to have:

  • Full-service electrical layout design

  • Writing and installation

  • Emergency power solution

  • Virtually industrial robotic need that you have

Our Research & Development team are ready to design the best suitable solution according to the customer's needs and requirements to solve the issues and will help the packaging line to become automated, durable, and time-cost effective which represent the advantages of our products. Our goal is to supply the best solution of value and quality equipment and services with sincere technical after-sale support for every customers.



Working with the best specialized partners in the industry

PTI Partner
Limitronic Partner
Bizerba Partner
Leadtech Partner
Anser Partner
Universal Robots Partner
Pack Leader Partner
Macsa id Partner
Datalogic Partner

Managing Director

Theerapol Jiangjaturapat

Our managing director, the expertise, have been in this area of industry for the last 30 years and is always constantly looking for new solutions to satisfy the changes and the needs of our customers.

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